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Software para realizar sorteos


The Winning Wheel is reborn! Stephen Chin shows off JUG Spinner at SVCODECAMP

CSS: Generador de fuentes. @font-face Generator


About the Formats

TrueType - A format designed to look good on-screen. Recommended particularly for Windows browsers.
OpenType (CFF) - This format is better for print work and does not always look good on Windows.
EOT - You need this format if you want to target Internet Explorer. IE will not use any other format. Our EOT's would be considered "Lite," since they are neither compressed nor domain-restricted.
SVG - This is an XML format supported by some browsers including the iPhone and iPad.
WOFF - This cross-browser, web-only font format is lightweight (font data is zip compressed) and can be compiled with either TrueType or PostScript (CFF) outlines. It is currently supported by FireFox 3.6+.
Cufón - This is not a font-face format. We include it because some prefer it over regular fonts. See the cufón page for more information.

About the Options

Hinting - Hinting greatly improves rasterization in Windows. Recommended to leave this on.
Fix Vertical Metrics - Normalizes the "padding" on the top and bottom of the font to be the same across browsers and platforms.
Remove Kerning - Most browsers do not kern text. Removing kerning can reduce filesize.
Subset Fonts - Subsetting will remove glyphs from your font for the purpose of reducing filesize.
Base64 Encode - This will encode the font into the CSS file itself as a data uri. (SVG and EOT formats will not be encoded because they are not supported.)
WebOnly™ - This will alter the font file in such a way as to render it uninstallable on a desktop computer.
Keep OT Features - [This feature is a bit unstable] When subsetting this will preserve any glyph substitutions that might be built into the font. ie: ligatures such as fi and fl. Limited browser support for OpenType features dictates that this option should not be used.
Style Linking - Adds appropriate font-weight and font-style statements to your @font-face selector. Not fully cross-browser compatible.

CSS: editor de degradados. Colorzilla: Gradient Editor

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

A powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor from ColorZilla